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Welcome to a new era for hairdressing scissor sharpening in the UK

Our mission is to give hairdressers confidence about how and where to get their scissors serviced

For those who may have experienced poor quality sharpening in the past or for those who simply require the best for their scissors, welcome to Clean-Cut!

We have been trained in the art of hairdressing scissor sharpening and repair by a leading Japanese manufacturer, and use factory developed flat-honing equipment. Our clients say that its like getting their scissors back brand new again!

We offer a Postal and an In-Salon scissor sharpening services

Postal scissor sharpening

Scissor back to you within 5 working days of posting.

We can provide Freepost packaging for your scissors; contact us to order your envelope

We always use tracked post to return our clients' scissors

£500 postal insurance for £7.50 inc next day delivery

In-Salon scissor sharpening

You can book us to come into your salon to sharpen your scissors there and then!

Watch us and check your scissors immediately after our service for quality.

Each scissor takes approximately 15-20 minutes to service.

Our machinery is NOT noisy and can be located in public areas

We simply require a plug socket and a little space.


One pair = £18.50, two pairs = £30.

each additional pair = £12.50.

Cost per scissor goes down the more we sharpen!.

Same prices for both our Postal and Mobile sharpening services.


At Clean-Cut, we really value feedback from our clients and it has helped shape our business over the years. Please find out what they say about us by clicking here.

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