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In Salon Sharpening

You can book us to come into your salon to sharpen your scissors there and then; We just require a plug socket and a little space.

Example of our in-salon sharpening setup.

Our machine is quiet and quite safe and so can be located in a public area.

We have also found it to be a great talking point for clients, especially when discussing the cost of replacement scissors! It also indicates professionalism as you are keeping your tools in tip-top condition.

Each scissor takes approximately 15 minutes to service but this is dependant on the scissor condition.

To ensure that we are providing the highest levels of service, our clients can then try their scissors immediately for quality of workmanship.

We are based in West Yorkshire and County Durham; however, we operate throughout mainland UK. In an attempt to incorporate our travel expenses, our In-Salon service may be subject to a minimum number of scissors per visit, according to your location.

Save Money

The more scissors we service per visit, the less it costs per scissor; thats the way our pricing policy works.

For instance, we charge £18.50 each for one pair, £12.50 each for seven or more scissors.

One to one scissor care advice

During our in-salon service, our clients receive profressional advice regarding maintenance procedures helping get the very best out of their scissors for longer.